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Promotion of Tourism in Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges |CSS-PMS Essays|


Pakistan, a country of dazzling and mesmerizing beauty with the coldest mountains in the north to steering hot deserts in the south. Its diversified land with substantial plateaus, vast plains, spectacular valleys, scenic monuments, mountain ranges, historical architecture and enchanting buildings have to offer more than your imagination can imagine and your eyes can believe.

Pakistan, a sacred land for its citizens, is a bestowing for tourists. If you are an adventurous soul, always in motion and spinning from place to place, looking for deserts in one and mountains in another, then Pakistan is your spirit destination. This land has all in one, quenching the appetite of gypsy essences

Following are the opportunities for tourism in Pakistan


Pakistan's land is balanced by gigantic mountains. It’s home to the highest ranges in the world. 4 out of 10 highest mountains are in Pakistan, and it is referred to as the roof of the world. 

Further, the world's second-highest Mountain Mount Godwin Austin or 

k-2 is situated in the Karakoram ranges.


The enthralling and breathtaking valleys, enveloped by elevated mountains, are requisite to explore in one’s lifetime.

Some of the stunning valleys of Pakistan are Narran, Hunza, Khagan, Palas, Bagrot, and Neelum valley.

The glamour of these valleys is matchless, with water dripping down the mountainous path and the lustrous vegetation, welcoming your footsteps on every route you venture.

  • Diversity
  • In terms of diversity, Pakistan's variousness is visible from cultures, rituals, attire, language, food, and dialect. From Punjab to Balochistan, the entire nation is diversified. It might be separated in rituals and customs, but when it comes to the national interest and autonomy of Pakistan, people are united exemplary. 
  • Inexpensive Visit

   Pakistan is extremely affordable to visit. The hotels, transportation, and motels are way too cheap and in the approach of everyone. With one US$, a plate of biryani with two chicken leg pieces, and a cock to slime it, can be bought. Hence this economical aspect can lead to ample tourism in the country.

  • Chronological Monuments

Geographically and historically, Pakistan holds significant importance in the world attracting a flood of tourists in the country. Some of the most well-known historical sites are Begum Shahi Mosque, Mohenjo-Daro, Rohtas Fort, Taxila, Wazir Khan Mosque, katas raj Temples, Lahore Fort, not Dijji, Takht-I -Bhai, and the list goes on and on.

In this respect, some civilizations are important wells like Harappa civilization, Indus civilization, and Gandhara civilization.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

CPEC declared as a gateway to the future economy and a remarkable example of foreign investment. It’s not only captivating tourists but entrepreneurs as well. Hence, this project can be seen as an optimistic opportunity to promote tourism in Pakistan.


Despite immense opportunities, Pakistan faces crises in the tourism industry. In 2020, the contribution of the tourism industry in GDP was 7.1% (US$ 21.3 billion), however, the tourism industry is while in other European Countries, it is up to 10%.

Considering France, subside of the tourism industry was 9.5in 2020. If we compare it with the Maldives, it was 32. Terrorists what’s the reason for this delinquency of tourism in Pakistan.

1.     Terrorism

 Terrorist incursions and extremist activities are some of the major challenges to tourism. The wave of terrorism post 9/11 was the nightmare after which the region was declared unsafe” internationally. This shattered the soft image of Pakistan globally. The continuous experiences of blood-shedding, target killings, and bomb down had been a despoiler for the tourism industry leading to a bankrupt economy.

However, the circumstances have been augmenting since 2018, with a decrease in such outbreaks.

1.     Precarious for Travelling

Pakistan sometimes can be unsafe for traveling for foreigners. Though, generous, but a bit possessive about their native place. There have been several cases publicized, where foreigners have been attacked by the local inhabitants. Accordingly, people have been reluctant to explore Pakistan, when it comes to their safety level.

Impoverished Infrastructure

Unfortunately, the infrastructure and connectivity are not up to par as in European countries. The potential spots for captivating tourism in the country remain undercover and out of vista because of compromised road ailments.

Hence, this is the supreme justification for the destitute tourism industry in Pakistan. However, good times are coming as the infrastructure is enriching day by day, by the edifice of a network of motorways in the country.

Negative Role of Media

The role of media is a reflection of a country's liberation and sovereignty. Pakistan's media has never taken this fact into account and persist to imitate the malicious image of Pakistan in the entire world. This has a malignant impact on the country’s economy and foreign relations. The emancipation of media needs to be bound within limits and it must follow a policy based on national interest. The government must take mandatory measures to assure the constructive role of media agencies. 


Though granted by Almighty enormously, Pakistan hasn’t been able to utilize the reserves effectively. The disastrous governments and mean rulers have left the country succumbed. However, with increasing awareness, fortune has been embracing the country a bit. Let's be optimistic and contribute to a better tomorrow.


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