MSM YAQOOB (MUHAMMAD YAQOOB), is a renowned young writer, and one of the famous bloggers from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently working as a CEO and Founder at 'School of Literature'. He did his bachelor in Pol. Science from Punjab University, and Masters in English from NUML, Islamabad.

He is also famous for his renowned book 'THE SO-CALLED' published in 2020. 'Experience in NUML’ is not yet released but is very beautifully crafted and waiting to be published.

His mission is to provide authentic but easy and accessible education to the world. By the grace of God, he has a good audience and viewers all over the world, and SOL is getting good ranks on Google. He wants to publish the thoughts of young and enthusiastic writers. He is optimistic and believes in struggles, which gives him the best results. He knows the power of the written word and he wants to make a difference with it.