Content Policy

1. SOL accepts every type of writings ranging from translation to fictional. Poems, summaries, analyses, themes, and stories can be submitted for approval. We pass your content through the quality assessment test.

2. SOL can demand some high-trending topics from their permanent writers at any time.

3. Your content must be free of grammatical mistakes, plagiarism, and have some catchy ideas. If ideas are attractive enough the team edits and publishes the content.

4. Approval of any content will be notified through email or WhatsApp within a day.

5. We are providing learning as well as earning opportunities within a friendly environment.

6. SOL encourages young passionate writers who want to express themselves and have no platform at all. We invite you to come and share your thoughts with the world through one of the leading educational websites of Pakistan.

If you're interested to grow, you need to follow the terms and conditions of the website.


1. We need a biographical description with a passport size photo (optional). It should be written in third person narrative.

2. We need your CV/resume.

3. Send your bio and sample work for consideration via WhatsApp.

4. The registration/confirmation fee is just 1000 Pkr. In case of termination at any stage, the security fee will be refunded. (The security fee will not be refunded if the writer leaves without contributing any article. The minimum number is 3 to 5 articles)

4. Selected candidates can be called out for an interview via any online mode.

5. Policy violation or misbehaving with any members including CEO directly leads to the permanent closure of the account. The registered profile will be removed from GOOGLE immediately.

For further details, call us

Our official WhatsApp Number: 03355516444