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Where Eagles Dare by Alistair Maclean, Summary and Analyis


Introduction and  Characters Study

Alistair Maclean is well-known and distinguished (among literary society) for his spy thriller and mystery novels. His extraordinary use of adverbs makes his work exemplary. His suspenseful words rapture the reader through deep and brisk words and momentous connotations hid in his literature.


Where Eagles Dare by Alistair Maclean was publicized in 1967. It was a commercial triumph by attracting numerous readers. It is generally contemplated as a masterpiece of the spy thriller genre. 

 Keeping in senses, the attainment of this novel, it was filmed later in 1968, with a high budget investment, which again succeeded tremendously.

The succinct plot of the novel is interesting. At the end of WWII, an American general (General Carnaby) is arrested/and is detained in one of the most defensible places by German squadrons. General Carnaby has all the proposals for the invasion of Europe, and all the allies (against Germany) are trying to redeem him before he spits out. To conserve their secrets, an army of seven agents is sent to Germany to emancipate him.

Analysis of the Characters in the scene of the killing of Captain von Brauchitsch


  • Colonel Kramer (a German official).
  • Colonel Reich Marshall
  • General Rosmeyer
  • Cartwright Jones (a paid German actor hired by Major Smith to imposter General Carnaby).
  • Annie Marie (German lieutenant who had been previously nurse).
  • Carraciola, Thomas, Christiansen (British agents).
  • Major Smith (most competent American intelligence agent).
  • Lieutenant Schaffer (British intelligence agent).
  • Mary (intelligence agent and gal of Major Smith).


Down the promenade, led by two stairs on each side of the room, were the straddling German officers; Colonel Kramer, Reich Marshall, Rosmeyer, and Annie Marie were beating Napoleon brandy that night. 

While the American officers (3 of them which were abducted by Germans) Carraciola, Thomas and, Christiansen was stooping on the couch. Captain Smith and Captain Schaffer were sneaking at the doorway outside the gold room minister's gallery, waiting for the precise moment to break into the room.

In the suspicious gallery, all the German colonels were trying to enunciate General George Carnaby (who at present was Jones, pretending to be Carnaby). However, when Jones forbade to tell anything, Annie Marie stabbed his forearm and was handy to inject the syringe filled with scopolamine (a drug to coax him to utter truth).

It was at this moment that Captain Smith and Schaffer originated from the silhouettes and stood there in front of everyone. It was a moment of incredulous serenity. Captain Smith pushed Captain Schaffer, pointing his gun to him, to a chair, while notifying everyone about the reality of General Carnaby, who at that time was a paid German actor emulating Carnaby. 

It was tight-lipped when Colonel Kramer inquires Smith about him. Colonel Smith puts forward himself as SS military intelligence agent and asks Kramer to call his securities which might assist him in scrutinizing all people down there.

While Kramer calls his guards, Smith demands a glass of Napoleon brandy, they all had been relishing before.

 After Smith has drunk his glass, he begins narrating the strategy. Pointing at Colonel Schaffer, he proclaims, that he is a member of the American intelligence organization (OSS). Then he illustrates the diplomatic plan of the British to distract Germans from their fundamental strategy through General Carnaby.

Cartwright Jones, at the spectacle of the revolver in hands of Smith approves his real name. He further elaborates on the British plan to incorporate 3 Britain’s into German high command.

When Colonel Smith is done with his illustration, General Rosmeyer implores him to validate his originality.

After ascertaining himself right and all his comrades wrong through some paperwork and a call to the chief of intelligence, Major Wilner of Italy.

In the spur of the moment, lieutenant Schaffer, at the indication of Smith stands up and points his gun at Kramer.

In dismay, Kramer inquires, that why has been Smith lying all time about everyone's identity? Before Smith utters, Mary comes in the doorway with Mauser in her hands and chatters with Smith. At this exact eternity, Captain Von Brauchitsch comes in with his handgun in his hand, urging them to knock down their weapons.

However, Smith shoots his bullet, which passes just beside Mary's elbow. She tries to turn, but Brauchitsch clutches her and squeezes her wrists, while the barrel of automatic gun Mary sprinted from her hand, propelling Brauchitsch eye. He fell to the bottom expelling Mary to the side, with his lifeless hands falling on the ground. The rest German officers were forced to sit down on the floor with their hands up like slaves.



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