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Dowry, a Reason for High Unmarried Ratio in Pakistan


Marriage is the most indispensable part of one’s life consecrating one with a partner to spend their entire life with them flamboyantly. Once you find a perfect soul mate, you can not only lavish your youth as well as you have found a shoulder to enlighten the gloomy days of old age. Besides, you have got a confidant that will accompany you just at the side of your grave after your expiry date. Marriage is a ravishing and bewitching stage of life. However, in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Iran, and Pakistan, a stigma exists, that has been depriving many women of this beguiled promise of spending and taking care of each other and that is dowry.

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What is Dowry?

Dowry basically is a particular amount of money, property, or households given by the family of the bride to groom at the time of the wedding. It can be in one aspect considered as the ultimate price for lifting the burden (as considered in society) of one’s daughter. 

It is such a smirch in our society that is constantly inherited by society and is like a termite that is sabotaging the pillars of integrity and prosperity of our society. With time, it has dye in the wool, and regardless of evolving world and generous thoughts, creeping into the intelligent minds of people with increased literacy rates, this dark truth of dowry still exists. 

This dowry has led to the burial of numerous dreams. Let us look into the reason for this mournful reality of our society. One of the prominent Pakistani English poets Taufiq Rafat has written a poem with the title 'Wedding in the Flood'.

   Why has dowry become vital in every wedding?

Before every wedding, a truck loaded with households and crockery is kind of essential to arrive at the groom’s house. If it doesn’t, then a possibility, however, arrives of ruling out of the marriage. Now, why has this stigma so much life in our society? Following are some of the main reasons for its existence:

Patriarchal Society: One of the major reasons for the demand for dowry is a patriarchal society in which men are always dominant and are considered assets and females are always thought to be liabilities. These liabilities must be hurled to males with gigantic money or goods.

  A Pseudo Credulity of Prestige

In Asian countries, a weird orthodox belief exists, in which males have a credulity to consider themselves distinct and this feeling of supremacy that is always showered upon them by society (just because of their gender) makes them compress women. This presiding behavior of man leads to demands of disgraces like dowry.

The paucity of Formal Education

Due to decreased literacy rate, unfortunately, the stains on the sacred cloth of humanity aren’t fading but, becoming more significant. And these will continue to exists unless are removed by the detergent named education.

Conservative Thinking

Though it’s the 21st century, we can’t deny the fact that conservative traditions are constantly making room for them. With a growing planet, these stigmas are not only getting momentum but are modifying to fight a bit of awareness that’s coming. This conservative thinking of always feeling the women feeble making them susceptible to dowry and other demands.

Everlasting Avarice

The greed that deprived humans of their humanity is a prevalent factor in raising the demand for dowry. Once, the humans accept that they will get, what is meant to be theirs: then they will realize that this greed is just an oasis.

Ignorance towards Anti Dowry Laws

There have been several laws to account for this social stigma in nearly every concerned country.

Considering Pakistan, there’s a restriction on marriage dowry and even a restriction on the display of dowry according to act 1967.

Similarly, in India, there’s a tough anti-dowry law according to section 489A of the Indian penal code.

However, the government has been successful in forming laws but authorities pay little attention to implementing these laws and punishing the culprits.


Some surveys have been conducted to search the major aspects related to the dowry system, in Pakistan.

According to a recent survey, the middle class is mostly engaged in promoting the dowry system, with a relatively little contribution from the high and low class.

Another survey was conducted in 2019, in order to look into the reason for exercising dowry. 

What Can We Do?

The revolution never needs millions of people, history has proved several times that even an individual can bring change in the society leading to a complete revolution in the entire world.

To eradicate this social evil, we can and must play a role so that a large number of women don’t sit in their house unmarried and desperate.

Everyone can play an integral role, as a male you shouldn’t demand or accept dowry from your bride, and as a female, you can clarify that you are totally against the dowry system and you will marry without it.

Let the world harmonize and let us fight together to extirpate these orthodox social norms and let us ensure that we contribute to making our Earth, a heavenly place.

A Young Man Who Makes Dowry A Condition to Marriage, Discredits His Education and His Country and Dishonors Womanhood.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Interesting Thing!

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Contributor: Syeda Rabia Batool Naqvi


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