Taji Khokhar, a DON Departed this World

"Taji Khokhar, brother of Haji Nawaz (PPP), uncle of senator Mustafa Nawaz died in a hospital on 5th January in Rawalpindi. He was fighting kidney disease for a long time and succumbed to it at last. His funeral prayers were held at Dera Taji Khokhar on Koral chowk."

He was an infamous gangster, who was amongst the list of 20 most wanted people. His name was on the list of the 4th schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997. Concerning this, those who are in the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 (ATA), need to inform the police before leaving their residence. Furthermore, they are not entitled to have an arms license and passport.
He was the most dreadful person alive, who was said to be involved in land grabbing and killings and had various links with the encroachment mafia. Fahad, a famous barrister, was also one of his many victims, murdered by the notorious gang of Imtiaz Khokhar in 2016. Moreover, he was put to jail for killing a woman over a land wrangle. In a raid, police captured numerous guns and drone surveillance cameras from his abode. Taji Khokhar, was a famous person, the leader of the 333 gangs, and had close bonds with personalities of PPP.
Imtiaz Khokhar lived a luxurious life, he had a private zoo, with Lions, wolves, and personal tigers. Despite his notoriety, he was known for giving financial assistance to poor people and a large massive gathering was seen at his funeral.

               Sidra Rubub
Sidra, an intellectual content writer, currently working in a prestigious institution.