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Repeated MCQS from ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock'

1. Who wrote the poem the love song of J Alfred Prufrock?

T.S Eliot

2. When was the poem published?


3. Who is the speaker of the poem?

J Alfred Prufrock

4. In the poem streets are compared to?

Tedious argument

5. In the room, the women come can go, are talking about whom?


6. Who was Michelangelo?

A great Italian painter

7. Yellow fog is compared to?


8. What rubs its back upon the window panes?

yellow fog?

9. The fog has changed into?


10. What slides along the street?

Yellow smoke

11. What makes the speaker digress?

Perfume from dress

12. When was T.S Eliot born?


13. What is the form of the poem?

Dramatic monologue

14. What personal connection did the name J Alfred Prufrock have for Eliot?

He used to sign his name "T Sterns Eliot"

15. The poem is strongly influenced by?

French symbolists

16. What is the theme of the poem?

Anxiety, indecision, inaction, desire and modernity

17. How many lines do the epigraph contain?

6 lines

18. In what language the epigraph is written?


19. The epigraph is taken from?

Dante's inferno

20. The lines of epigraph are spoken by?

Guido do Montefeltro

21. What is the setting of the poem?

Desolate and hostile urban landscape

22. When was the poem written?


23. In the word "Yellow fog" what does the color yellow symbolize?

Condition of modern life, which is shaped by technology and industrial prodution.

24. What does teas and toast symbolize?

The symbolize the banal and suffocating qualities of modern life, in which the same ritual proceed day after day.

25. Who is the listener in the epigraph?


26. Whose line does Eliot parody with "in the room the women come and go?

Jules Laforgue

27. What poem does the line "an indeed there will be time allude to?

To his coy mistress

28. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?

Free verse with occasional rhymes

29. What was the original title of the poem?

Prufrck Among the Women

30. What subliminal meaning did Eliot want the name "Prufrock" to contain?

A "Prude" in a "Frock"

31. Who is the footman in the poem?


32. What Shakespearean character does Prufrock compares himself to?


33. What salient aspects of Prufrock's physical appearance has mentioned in the poem at least three times?

His baldness

34. What does Prufrock wonder if he could dare eat?


35. Where was Eliot when he started writing the poem?

At Harvard

36. What do the sawdust restaurants contain?

Oyster shells

37. What licked its tongue into the corners of the evening?

Yellow smoke

38. Whom does the narrator think will not sing to him?


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