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What Habits Should You Have to Lead a Happy Life?


The new year always brings new resolutions and new goals with it and one of the most common goals for people is to improve a few of their habits, some want a better routine while others think they need to work on their physical health. Today, we are just gonna focus on who can you mold your personality in just a few easy steps. If you too are someone who’s looking for a new purpose in life you’re definitely on the right page! With no more delay, let’s get started!

1.   Keeping a journal:

It is one point you should never neglect. It gives you a reason to be full of gratitude and it also gives you a reason to thank God for all the blessings you have. Research has also proven that keeping a journal to note down stuff and write about your day can prove to be stress relieving and it can impact your social life positively as well. In your daily journal you can write several things e.g. what new skills do you wanna learn, what are you thankful for, and also one good deed you do every day! Implement all this and see your life change.

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2.   Self-talk (but make sure it’s positive)

Very often we all get so indulged in the hectic life routines that we forget to think about ourselves. However, you must take out time to remind yourself that you’re worth it and you can do well in anything you want…such stances play an integral role in mental growth and you’ll soon get to see a happier version of yourself. Sometimes letting negativity get out of your mind is hard but the effort is what takes you somewhere in life.

3.   Do and think good for others:

Serving people should not just be done by force but it should be practiced like a ritual in your life. Little acts of kindness make the world a happy place to live. You’ll always see a happier version of yourself when you do well to and for others. Compliment someone’s dress, make your best friend a card, and write short notes for your family….YES! All of these include little acts of kindness.

4.   Focus more on your relations:

Everyone has a few people in their life whom they love unconditionally be it your partner, parents, or best friend so keep the ones you think affect your life positively and keep a distance from the toxic ones. To improve relations the thing that matters the most is spending time with them but make sure it’s quality time in which you talk about life experiences and goals. In case you have bad past experiences with them forgive and let go as we all need to understand that as humans there’s a lot to forgive and forget! Another tip? Be expressive. It’ll help you grow and make them understand, how you feel about various things.

5.   Develop self-esteem, confidence, and positivity:

Each one of us has a complete right to feel good about how we look, our habits, and our personality. These 3 traits- Self-esteem, confidence, and positivity can do wonders for you. If you’re not ready to adopt all three of them, pick one and work on it. Celebrate the good things in life especially your accomplishments and even if you fail remind yourself that you compete with yourself so you don’t have to compare yourself with anyone else!

In the end, I just want you to remind your inner self to ‘Be yourself’. Accept who and how you are so others don’t end up changing you. Be pleasant and try staying in a positive environment as it is said ‘You are what you eat, what you do and what you think so don’t forget to love yourself every day!

 This article is written by Adan Asif, one of the contributors to the School of Literature


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