Detailed Introduction to Digital Marketing



Digital marketing is the process of advertising and selling products or services on digital platforms such as computers, mobiles, tablets, and so on. Products that we offer are in the form of content with the aid of creating brand awareness in customers' minds. 

People prefer to use technology for buying and browsing online rather than visiting physical stores due to its convenience and comfort. By making effective use of digital media, firms can advertise their products in a way that helps them to connect with potential buyers. 

Main Channels of Digital Marketing:

For marketing, there are three main channels:

● Paid media (e.g., search, social media, and display ads)

● Earned media (e.g., PR and social media)

● Owned media (the company's website)

New channels have opened up to make it easier for companies to reach audiences. 

We can say that digital marketing is a subset of general marketing involving the medium of electronic devices such as computers and smartphones. Digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter are used for promoting content such as videos or written material related to any product/service that companies want to market. For example: When we go online on YouTube to watch a video, we are being advertised to by the adverts which appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This is an example of 'online advertising'. Therefore, when a company makes effective use of online adverts, they have gone 'digital'.

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Digital Marketing's Search Engines:

Digital marketing can be broken down into three main categories:

● Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, focuses on having your website show up in the first few pages of a user's search results when they type in keywords related to your company or industry.

● Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, focuses on how Google ranks and displays your website in its organic search results.

● Content marketing (CM)  

Content Marketing is about creating and sharing valuable and entertaining content to engage and convert your customer base while consistently delighting them enough that they share you with their friends through word-of-mouth or social media referrals.

The combination of both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to boost the number of quality customers looking for your products/services online. 

Common Problems That Digital Marketing Can Solve

1. Low visibility in search engine results.

2. Reduced reach and engagement of ad campaigns on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

3. Limited organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

4. Slow response times to customer service queries via email and telephone support services.

5. Limited market coverage due to insufficient advertising budget.

6. Inability to identify and address problems quickly.

7. Lack of data-driven decision-making due to lack of records demonstrating past product/service performance.

8. Difficulty in finding new customers.

9. Limited expandability of marketing activities.

10. Difficulties with delivering content to specific devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.

11. Limitations in the number of marketing channels that can be used at once etc.

12. Lack of transparency into how well marketing.

13. Difficulties in integrating online and offline marketing activities.

14-. Reduced revenue from e-commerce websites due to issues such as abandoned carts or other problems.

15- Difficulty in tracking where customers found the website, i.e., which marketing channels were effective.

To sum up, Digital marketing is not limited to web-based promotion; it can be manifested in a variety of forms. The use of traditional mail, for example, has been declining rapidly in recent years as a result of social media and mobile-based campaigns. There had been reports that direct mail marketing is up this year even though it continues to decline overall. 

However, the findings have been contradicted by other studies that show overall declines; email marketing has been increasing for some time now due to its ability to track results and ROI. Some people see digital marketing on TV, like commercials. These commercials can tell you about a product or service and show you the price. This way, it is cheaper for the company, and everyone who watches TV can find out about it.

This article is written by Madiha Naz, one of the contributors at the School of Literature.


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