7 Effective Wine Marketing Tactics Used by Premium Vineyards



You must know that wine marketing is not an easy job.

 There is a hardcore competition in this business which is why it is quite difficult for a newbie to enter the market and beat the existing giants of this industry.

Still, if you want to try your luck in the wine industry and want to start a vineyard, then you need to do some research and find out the marketing tactics practiced by premium players in the market.

Marketing is not an easy task. It is a combination of both science and art, and you have to carefully execute a plan which can satisfy the requirements and the needs of the end user.

Here in this post, we have discussed the most interesting and effective marketing tactics which can help you get the attention of your customers.

Top seven Wine Marketing Tactics Which Can Boost Your Vineyard Business

Out of hundreds of different marketing strategies, we have discussed the top seven ones here in this post.

You can get a lot of help in marketing your vineyard business by practicing these tactics.

1.     Cross Marketing with Local Businesses and Wineries

The crucial thing that you need to know is that your target customers are quite fussy about their time and money and so you must never waste either.

Premium vineyards would always cross-market with other businesses so that people can taste their wines and other products from their nearby local shops/brands.

You have to do intense market research and find out the areas in which your target customers are densely populated.

You have to reach out to local stores, restaurants, and cafes and establish a working relationship with them.

You can give them wine crates at a discounted rate, and in return, you can promote your business.

2.     Host Virtual and Physical Events Off and On

You need to understand that the vineyard business is quite tricky, and you have to regularly stay in touch with your target customers.

As we have mentioned earlier, this industry is quite competitive, and so you need to keep your brand name alive and sparkling.

This can be done easily if you regularly host events.

You can host fascinating events which can involve blind tasting.

Head winter competitions, and you can also show your guests the behind-the-scenes production process of wines.

These sorts of events can help you connect with the customers on a personal level.

Hosting events helps you collect data about your customers.

You can get their numbers, emails, and also postal addresses.

You can practice personalized marketing tactics once you have this kind of information about your customers.

3.     Offer Free Tasting Packages as Samples

In the wine business, you need to have a big heart for free samples.

Without sampling your product, you cannot strive in this business.

Now tasting samples have two major benefits.

The first one is that they can help you introduce yourself and your products in the market.

The second one is that you can improvise your flavors and production on the basis of feedback you get from the target customers.

You can set up a free sampling booth outside your vineyard, or you can also connect with local businesses and give them a free introductory package that they can distribute to potential customers.

Before sampling wine from your vineyard, you need to make sure that you get a permit from the local authorities.

1.     Set a Good Pricing Strategy That Appeals to the Customers

In the vineyard industry, it is important that you set the right prices.

Pricing is a very important element in the marketing mix of any brand.

Now, as we have told you before, there is a lot of competition in this industry, which means that to step into this industry, you have to have a strong pricing plan.

Premium wine industries are categorized into two groups.These groups are divided on the basis of price segmentation.

 The basic segment price range is set from $10 to $20, and it targets middle-class customers.

On the other hand, the premium segment ranges from $50 and above.

This price range is set for luxury bottles that are specifically designed for special occasions and gifting purposes.

You can read the sand lands vineyard's case solution and find out how premium vineyard brands target different segments of customers with cost.

After reading the case study you would be able to evaluate the worth of the premium wine industry as a business.

You would also find out the strategy being used by premium vineyards.

You can also find out what way is better to approach customers.

You can either go through distribution channels or can target customers directly!

2.     Become a Source of Information for Your Customers

Anyone who starts a vineyard doesn't always know about wine and its production.

People get into this business just because it is profitable.

But the fact of the matter is that if you don't know much about wine, then it is going to affect your sales at some point.

People today like to buy stuff from people who are credible and have knowledge of the products they are offering.

So when you are planning on starting your own vineyard, you have to work to build your authority in the category you are investing in.

Your vineyard needs to have a digital presence, and you can build a website or blog and can regularly post informative content about the industry.

This marketing strategy is going to help you create a loyal brand following and will definitely boost your sales.

3.     Show Your Presence On Social Media Platforms

Without a strong presence on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you would always lose to your competitors no matter how strong your product is.

We are living in a digital world, and it is important that you create your digital presence.

You can easily increase your presence in the digital world by regularly posting on social media platforms.

The most consistent you are in posting relevant content to vineyards and wineries on social media, the more engagement you would get from the target audience.

If you want your brand to be recognizable, then you need to establish your authority on these modern platforms.

Social media platforms don't only help you build your brand recognition, but it also helps you boost your sales. You can start an online marketplace here as well.

4.     Focus On Influencer Marketing Strategy

As we have discussed the importance of social media, it is important that you also know about influencers and how crucial they are in modern-day marketing tactics.

Today people who have followers and subscribers on social media have the power to promote a business. So it is best that you collaborate with an influencer.

You have to find an influencer who has a good following and an interest in wine.

You need to find a person who is being followed by your target customers.

 Influencer promotion can take your vineyard business to the next level.

It is cheaper than traditional advertising but is ten times more effective when it comes to getting conversions and boosting sales.


In this short blog post, we have discussed the most important marketing tactics which are being used today by the premium vineyard & winery businesses.

If you have a good investment and want to start your own wine brand, then you need to make sure that you follow these tips and take these strategies into consideration while planning your goals.


This article is produced by Josh, a guest writer. Join SOL Team here.

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