Chances of World War War-III |Russia Vs Ukraine|


WWW-III; a Sword of Damocles

The world is facing severe economic challenges after the Covid-19 outbreak which crippled the powerful nations while the repercussions on developing countries are more severe. The world is becoming bi-polar again after the economic expansion of China and Russia’s preparation to attack Ukraine instigate Allied powers to follow the Thucydides Trap to check the emerging threats to prevail their hegemony. The relationship between America and Russia worsened after Russia’s pre-planning to attack Ukraine and the date is not fixed yet. Will this escalation lead to WW-III or Russia change her mind in near future? Is the world ready for another great chaos, economic depression, causalities, and many more? Can we say the telephonic conversation between Putin and She Jinping, Putin versus Imran Khan, and Iran and Russia’s joint military activities all are the continuation of one purpose: to stand against allied powers?

Let’s try to explore the possibilities of WW-III and its repercussions in brief.

On one hand, defence pacts like AUKUS, NATO, and Permanent Structured Cooperation, or PESCO, and on the other hand, America is boosting up the Indian courage through different defence pacts such as the Logistic Support Agreement (LSA); Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Intelligence (BECA), General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA); and the Communications and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA). America’s offshore balancing strategy seems unsuccessful and it is evident from the recent clash between India and China on Tibet, where India is fighting a so-called war against a juggernaut.

These defence pacts likely initiate another war between two mighty blocs and now it seems inevitable. But the poverty-stricken world is not ready and neither it should be. Total casualties of Covid-19 are estimated at 5.59m worldwide reflecting the incompetency of humans to deal with the natural catastrophe. If WW-III breaks out it would lead to wiping out many impoverished countries and the human will see regress to the stone ages. Millions of people would very likely suffer, and the Earth would take decades, if not centuries, to recover — especially given some of the weapons and tools in use today. Exoskeletons might be worn by ground troops.

We live in a modern era and know the consequences of such foolish intentions and hopefully, the imminent war will end up through peaceful dialogues and discussions. But it seems a far approach. Many of the analysts believe that China’s intention to attack Taiwan has the same degree of magnitude and might trigger WW-III. Both China and Russia have nearly the same issue and object the NATO’s military activities in Ukraine and America’s surge in international boundaries around China. Peace deals can prevent the world to plunge into war. The waning of proxy warfare, UN-sponsored peace procedures, and economic progress have all contributed to the decline in violent conflicts. The Human Security Report's research shows that even when peace talks and cease-fire agreements fail, they lessen violent conflict.

Bertrand Russell, one of the prominent writers of the 20th century puts three ways to prevail peace in the world. These ways are worthy to observe, think and implement. If war broke out then there are likely chances of the complete extinction of all human beings. Humanity will end up and the reversal of civilization to its primitive conditions. The only way to prevent such disaster we have an option which is the establishment of a universal government.

Last but not least, Pakistan should not choose any bloc or open for proxies. National Security Plan (NSP) amidst this critical situation is the most welcoming step taken by the government. NSP affirms to shift our geopolitics to geoeconomics that’s a change, a change for which we are waiting since 1947. The rest of the world should change its approach rather than fight a horrific war that ultimately swipes all of us.

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