A Dragonfly in the Sun by Zulfikar Ghose, Summary and Analysis



Zulfikar Ghose’s erudite endeavor is a magnificent illustration of Pakistan’s anthology. His opulence is miscellaneous and varied. He is adept at using the weapon of fanaticism to captivate his bibliomaniacs. He uses the grandeur of similes, metaphors, and personification to glamorize his prose. He repeatedly manipulates the literary technique that enthralls the readers and eventually coerces them to contemplate again and again to explore mysterious themes encompassed by the sheath of gigantic proclamations. His every word is entrenched such that it devotes a breakout from the somnolence of reality. Sometimes, he also switches to simplicity to aid his readers.

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Dragonfly in the sun is the hidden pearl, that hasn’t been affirmed, as it was entitled to be. It’s one of the most spectacular works of Zulfikar Ghose. In this poem, the poet embodies superficial and trivial refinements that we bypass, busied in the chores of our customary lives. The poet strives to elucidate the twinkling glamour that is wielded around us in the universe. We must lift our heads for once and endure the elegance and grace, we must perceive all this. Verve is too abrupt to devour its scampering for wealth, but in fact, it is a bestowing to live every duration.



The afternoon’s light is caught

 in the dragonfly’s wings where

 transparency permits no reflections

 and yet will not give free passage

 to the sun, preserving the surface

 the brightness of readers webbing

 as a fragile brilliance of gleaming

 points which make the wings nearly

 invisible and the diagonal markings appear

 as tiny irradiations of very faint

 pink and blue when the dragonfly

 darts up against the sun as if it

 plucked colors from the air

 and immediately discarded them:

 this is the moment of intensity,

 of the afternoon’s light gathering

 in the garden in a brief flickering

 of a dragonfly’s wings just above

 the red blossoms of the pomegranate.

The poem “a dragonfly in the sun” is written in free verse that presents a sensational sketch of the night light entangled in the dragonfly's wings. The glimmer caught in the annexes of dragonfly delineates a delightful panorama. The verb “caught” infers that the invincible light is being entrapped by a trivial dragonfly. The exaggeration surpasses a magnitude when it is declared by the poet that the sunlight is barricaded by a spider web.

Imagine a gigantic Sun obstructed by a diminutive spider web. Evidence of the imaginative capability of Zulfikar Ghose. Firstly, the depiction of dragonfly wings is exacerbated by the inscription of different colors that appear as the dragon impedes against the sun. The appearance of distinct pigments on the sky seems to be disseminated by the spider who spread them into the atmosphere. However, soon the colors perish and evening follows accompanied by the dancing of a dragonfly in front of a pomegranate tree. The flickering of a dragonfly in front of a red-pigmented tree is a beautiful sight, one must catch a glimpse of in this short life.

The poem is analyzed by, Syeda Rabia Batool Naqvi, a permanent contributor to the SOL Community.


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