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Ducks by Taufiq Rafat: Text, Summary, Analysis and Themes |Line by Line|



The ducks bent like a boomerang,

Huttle across the sky

To a swampy exile in Pakistan;

And like a boomerang they return

When winter is over

To the dark recesses of Siberia.

There they sit, running themselves,

On bare little islands – in the river.

With heads tucked inside their wings,

As if nothing mattered.

The hired man floats downstream pushing

An empty boat is in front of him,

And is now quite close.

At the right moment, he shows himself.

The birds rise noisily in panic

And the head for the tall grass

hiding us.

We carefully place our shots

Among the confusion of Brahmani, teal,

Pintail and mallard.

Five birds turn suddenly limp,

And are lowered by an invisible rope

Straight down to the guarded river.

The survivors wheel sharply left

(we guessed they would)

Making a bee-line for the sights

Of the second party behind the ridge

We lean back in contentment to see

Two, three, four Brahmani dangle

From the unceremonious sky.

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During the winter the Siberia, the ducks head towards Pakistan which feels like exile to them for a while. These ducks are always in the shape of a boomerang wherever they go, they enjoy the warm moderate evening of Pakistan. Since these ducks are very beautiful and foreign to Pakistan, they are such a pretty sight that they are looked at in awe. They tuck their heads inside their wings and roam around carefree.

Sometimes, ducks while enjoying the warmth, do not realize the impending danger and they cannot see the boatman waiting to catch them. There are hired people to catch these ducks. There are many kinds of ducks, Brahmani, teal, mallard, and pintail, they stay altogether but when boatman appears to trap them, ducks react so violently in confusion. Some of the birds become limp in the struggle, while some are caught with rope. The rest which could not get into the trap wither around to save themselves. As soon as the boatman disappears, the dangling limping ducks try to fly back in the unceremonious and unwelcoming sky.


Unwelcomed migrants

Temperate region of Pakistan

Pakistan is a blessed country but the people of Pakistan need to be polite and ethically sound. 


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